Here at Franklin Sussex Hyundai, we're all about helping drivers be prepared, especially in our service center where our goal is to help drivers fulfill their automotive needs and make sure their vehicle is always ready for the drive during all seasons. It's winter, and with the cold weather and snow forecasted you should make sure you're prepared for the season, and it's better late than never to have some winter services with our help, plus taking some winter readiness-advice as well.

There are plenty of routine services you'll be able to find here with our team of service pros to get you winter ready. That includes checking your tire tread to ensure they have the right levels of grip and traction, while we also install winter tires if you choose to put a set on your vehicle. Tire rotations and wheel alignments are also common too. In addition, we can help you with oil changes because you're going to want to keep the engine clean as it gets cold, plus we'll top off fluids, check your heating systems, and much more so you're prepped for whatever the cold throws at us.

We also advise making sure you're prepared with the right winter equipment as well. If you need new wiper blades to clear off the snow and melted ice, we have you covered, while we also advise having a snow brush and scraper along with a shovel if you can fit it in your vehicle to clear off your car and the space around you in the event of a snowstorm. It's also important to keep a blanket and some first aid materials just in case you get in an emergency situation, too.

Contact us to arrange a service appointment and we'd be happy to provide you with all the details you need and set up a time that works for you!

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