Here at Franklin Sussex Hyundai, we're all doing our best to adapt to our changing world and what we can and can't do based on COVID-19 at the moment. When we're all safe, we can still have fun, and if you're a couple that hasn't had a date night in a long time, we've not only got the ideas of things you can do any time throughout the summer no matter the current state of affairs, and the vehicle you can do it in: the Hyundai Sonata.

A mid-size sedan with the most interior room in its class and certainly has its benefits in your daily driving, and for date night. That's because you can utilize that space to load up supplies and recline and spread out even inside the cabin as well, depending on your date night activity. As for what to do in the Warwick, NJ areas? Well, there's always the drive-in movie theater as they are open and allow you to tune your vehicle in to the movie you'd like to see, and enjoy it right from your comfortable front seats, which offer many different adjustable support options too.

You can also feel good knowing you can back up picnic supplies, or some hiking gear and get out to a meadow, field, or park away from it all to enjoy a nice meal outdoors or to enjoy many of the fine trails in our area. You can get there with standout fuel efficiency and a load of standout technology features too, as you can play your summer playlist onboard with smartphone integration and enjoy all our area has to offer, distanced and responsibility in 2020.

To see how the Sonata is versatile for your entire driving experience, contact us at Franklin Sussex Hyundai and we'd be happy to discuss your options and get you in your date night vehicle soon!

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