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Here at our dealership, you're going to find that we have all the bases covered with a number of different choices for sale. This includes used vehicles, and in particular, there's a selection of used SUVs which you can learn more about when you explore the options here at our dealership.

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Find a Variety of High-Quality Used SUVs For Sale in Sussex, NJ

SUVs rule the road these days, whether you're traveling daily around West Milford or Newton, NJ, or heading off on longer road trips. But within that class, you'll find a wide variety of different styles and sizes. That's apparent with the used SUV selection we feature here at our Sussex, NJ Hyundai and pre-owned dealership. You'll find all sorts of quality SUVs, with several options from Hyundai, a brand we know all so well here in the Goshen, NY and Port Jervis, NJ area. Give us an idea of the type of used SUV that will work best for your travels and your budget and we'll match you up with the perfect fit.

If you commute daily around West Milford or Sussex, but want more utility and better passenger comfort and cargo space than the average small car, a compact SUV is a great way to go. Our smallest used SUVs, with several like the Hyundai Venue and Kona, tend to be sensibly efficient, all while you'll enjoy some added ground height and the rear cargo area that a smaller car usually won't provide. From there, bump up to the popular small SUV class that includes the Hyundai Tucson and popular options from brands like Toyota and Honda. These are excellent everyday vehicles, providing smart enough fuel economy levels with all sorts of utility and usefulness for carrying kids around and loading up on cargo.

Explore Our Pre-Owned SUVs

There's a number of different options that are available in a lineup that's routinely seeing change and different options come through in all types. This includes used Hyundai SUVs, but also plenty of others from a variety of makes and brands. We're sure that there's one for you here, as you can shop by size, be it five or seven-passenger SUV options, or compact to larger crossovers, plus by model year, mileage, colors, features and more. You can find recent model year options that have newer features and fewer miles, as well as many others which allow you to get a quality ride that provides the versatility you need to keep enjoying life throughout Sussex as well as Port Jervis, Livingston and West Orange.

We'll guide you through the process as you're able to learn more and save on cost as these vehicles are priced lower than new vehicles. Plus, you get the benefit of Your Key which allows you to get financing online along with many other conveniences, and Your Key Community, which provides rewards and incentives at our dealership for members.

Learn More About Used SUVs Today

If you're shopping with your family on your mind, a mid- or full-sized three-row used SUV will be a great find here in Sussex. These will typically be equipped with high-end V-6 or V-8 engines and you'll usually have options for all-wheel drive or a 4x4 configuration with any used SUV found here in the Goshen area. Let us know what features and qualities are important for you to have and we'll match you up with the perfect fit in a used SUV.

We'd be happy to answer your questions and provide more details on the current collection of used SUVs here at Franklin Sussex Hyundai. Get in touch with us we'd be happy to highlight details and discuss all our used SUVs with you and set up test drives.